Homecoming & Livin' Jersey - 2018

March 23rd, 2018

In loving memory... Ofa Vaomotou.


Late 2017 saw the tragic loss of Ofa Vaomotou. In 2018, Ofa was set to take on the role of SRC Vice President for Wavell State High School and graduate Year 12. Only weeks before her passing, Ofa gave her school captain speech where she spoke about how she loved being a Wavell student and the opportunities that she had at the school. Compared to Ofa, there aren't too many more people that could say they are prouder to be a part of the Wavell community.

The Open 1's naturally contains plenty of year 12 students who were very close with Ofa, and with her also being a part of the rugby league program, the program only saw fit that they honour her memory. The jersey has a banner across the chest to commemorate her life. Also on the evening, no Wavell student will wear the number 12 jersey, as this was her jersey number

On top this, the jersey also symbolises the partnership between Wavell SHS, Marsden SHS and the Livin' charity. The Livin' logo has been placed on the front of the jersey to promote mental health amongst teenagers and more specifically, rugby league players. 

Finally, with the close ties that Wavell has with the Kedron-Wavell RSL Sub Branch, the jersey includes a camouflage pattern along with an ANZAC playing the last post.

These jerseys will be auctioned on the Wavell Rugby League Facebook Page after Homecoming. Keep an eye out so you can grab this once-in-a-lifetime piece of memorabilia.  



Jersey 2018 - Front.jpg